Week 3

Week 3 on this incredible journey,  so many thought patterns are changing for me.. I know this is the second go-around with this but that is due to not putting in 110% on the first run.. For many months I have been frustrated, I honestly did not know how to cope with so many sleepless nights just worrying and wasting time instead of replacing those thoughts to indeed Create the world without, from within! I am starting to have very little concern about an undesirable future, and certain I am in the right place at this time to regain what I had lost by allowing old habits creep back into my life.

I am now back in constant communication with my future self and I know if I just do the work and the results will follow. Every day there is homework to be done and I know it needs to be a priority, as I move forward, so I can see growth each and every day as a result of being consistent in my readings and all of the tasks we are asked to do as part of this awesome journey. As of this moment I see personal and spiritual growth as well as the vision of my company growing as us 3 partners are also taking this course,

I feel as though there is absolutely no other place I’d rather be than right here, right now.. I am on the journey of a lifetime, meeting many new friends and truly feeling I will finally know and keep true joy, peace and liberty in my life.

This is exactly what I needed in my life, blazing a new trail powered by MKMMA. I feel as though all my dreams I ever had are about tot be fulfilled and the blessings I will be able to bestow upon others is just around the corner.

I love this Journey!


About macfeatmasterkey

I am a 16 year veteran of on and offline marketing and have been blessed to have met and become very close friends with some of the largest income earners in the world of Network Marketing. My mission has always been quite simple. Learn then teach as many open minded people as I possibly can, all the tools and tips I have learned to become successful without costing a fortune, or 16 years of your life to learn. At this period in time I am actually going through a complete transformation myself which will enable me to do so much more for myself and others than I had ever imagined. I just started an amazing Mastermind journey called MKMMA which is going to actually help reprogram my subconscious mind, or my blueprint if you wish, to enable me to rid myself of all my bad habits and start becoming a slave to ‘GOOD’ habits :) It was definitely time for a fresh start and a whole new outlook on life. Upon completion of this course I hope to be able to share with many of you on this platform, my journey and what added value I can provide to all of my readers with some tips I’ll be able to provide to making themselves more productive and successful :)
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