MKE Week 2

So I had some appointments this past week that kinda knocked me out of my normal schedule but pleased to be back at it and as dedicated as ever to TRULY transform my life. I have been learning some amazing new technologies to help me with what I do for work and am excited to put it all to use this week and watch the results unfold 🙂

So I wrote last week this is my second time around in all reality it is my 3rd.. Not because I didn’t get it right, but more because it’s a new way of life for me.. In fact, the only way 🙂
This year and many things have changed for me, Not all of it super positive so I knew for sure I had to go back through and make some changes to my DMP to find my true purpose or Dharma! I am now driving home lesson #2 as I felt I needed more time on lesson 1 and now feel completely ready to move on 🙂

Hannel writes:
It is often true that conditions of fear, worry, poverty, disease, in harmony and evils of all kinds dominate us by reason of false suggestions accepted by the unguarded subconscious mind. All this the trained conscious mind can entirely prevent by its vigilant protective action. It may properly be called “the watchman at the gate” of the great subconscious domain.

        Charles Francis Haanel  May 22, 1866 – November 27, 1949

I was guilty of letting fear and worry dominate me for a spell because my conscious mind was not doing it’s job as the watchman.. We had a talk.. We’ve had several actually and now daily haha 😉  Now I think we are in harmony … I don’t have a ton more to write about right now but am usually not one to be at a loss for words. I just know that I need to do this and I am already blessed to have amazing people around me who are familiar with what I am doing and have so much support. I look forward to my next post as I feel now I am past a major road block and ready to soar!!



About macfeatmasterkey

I am a 16 year veteran of on and offline marketing and have been blessed to have met and become very close friends with some of the largest income earners in the world of Network Marketing. My mission has always been quite simple. Learn then teach as many open minded people as I possibly can, all the tools and tips I have learned to become successful without costing a fortune, or 16 years of your life to learn. At this period in time I am actually going through a complete transformation myself which will enable me to do so much more for myself and others than I had ever imagined. I just started an amazing Mastermind journey called MKMMA which is going to actually help reprogram my subconscious mind, or my blueprint if you wish, to enable me to rid myself of all my bad habits and start becoming a slave to ‘GOOD’ habits :) It was definitely time for a fresh start and a whole new outlook on life. Upon completion of this course I hope to be able to share with many of you on this platform, my journey and what added value I can provide to all of my readers with some tips I’ll be able to provide to making themselves more productive and successful :)
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3 Responses to MKE Week 2

  1. RyanMissler says:

    Great post Bill! So glad to hear you are ready to soar and dedicated as ever! I look forward to reading the next one.



  2. I really enjoyed your post because I can relate to where you are on your journey. Thank you for sharing it with me and I know we have each chosen the correct path to follow. Have fun on your way.


  3. Great post Bill. You dont need lots of words to get your point accross.


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