Week One

So, about me and this being week #1…..  I have been self employed almost 20 years or so now, and after many years of extremely heavy labor my body had enough of the plumbing business and I knew it was time to move onto something else..  Most of my issues were due to extremely heavy lifting I had done over the years but it was not the only cause as my health rapidly declined and became more incapable of  performing my work on a daily basis  and so the choice was made to sell my business. When you go from making a certain amount of money each year and then go to an absolute zero income, you can only imagine the impact this had on me and my family. This left me feeling broken, depressed, and just plain sad.  I never quit and believed deep down I was capable of so much more than the useless broken person I felt I had become. I somehow needed to tap into it but I didn’t know how.

I had dabbled in the world of marketing on the Internet and so that was where I then put all of my efforts. After some success and failures in the online business world I made some connections that would eventually lead me to where I am now. . Excited to get back to making a decent income again as I enjoy marketing and talking to people.. Winning combo right? I am a people person, an extrovert I guess some would say and this business seemed to fit like a glove. Working Online would be something I actually enjoyed so I went to it!

I am so very excited to move on in life and this time even be more “in the flow” in my pursuit of my earnest desires in life, to be all that I can be. To find that direction I have been seeking and stay the course this time. I  believe God had his hand in me doing this again as well as I truly believe all good things come from him and the Universal laws, but I am keen even more to learn how to have them working 100% of the time in my favor!! PS… Life gets better everyday and I no longer feel the victim I did when I arrived on the Masterkey website the very first time.. This course rocks!


About macfeatmasterkey

I am a 16 year veteran of on and offline marketing and have been blessed to have met and become very close friends with some of the largest income earners in the world of Network Marketing. My mission has always been quite simple. Learn then teach as many open minded people as I possibly can, all the tools and tips I have learned to become successful without costing a fortune, or 16 years of your life to learn. At this period in time I am actually going through a complete transformation myself which will enable me to do so much more for myself and others than I had ever imagined. I just started an amazing Mastermind journey called MKMMA which is going to actually help reprogram my subconscious mind, or my blueprint if you wish, to enable me to rid myself of all my bad habits and start becoming a slave to ‘GOOD’ habits :) It was definitely time for a fresh start and a whole new outlook on life. Upon completion of this course I hope to be able to share with many of you on this platform, my journey and what added value I can provide to all of my readers with some tips I’ll be able to provide to making themselves more productive and successful :)
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3 Responses to Week One

  1. Congratulations with your decision to return. Thank you for sharing your story. My wish for you is an awesome adventure and journey. Live as you dream it.


  2. Barry White says:

    Congratulations on redoing the MKMMA. I found the course enlightening but could not cope with doing it again as I have too many issues going on what with health and financial things crowding in on me.


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